About Arcadio

ARCADIO, the fastest growing eyewear brand in the world, has created new standards, fresh yardsticks and breathtaking revolutions in the industry. Ever since its inception, ARCADIO has been churning out a range of world-class eyewear products that have not just captured the hearts of people, but have redefined the trend as never before.

ARCADIO produces high-class Optical Frames for various facets of life, top-class and trendy Sunglasses for all seasons and reasons, and a refreshing range of designer Contact Lens cases that are worth flaunting.

Above all, ARCADIO holds the proud distinction of pioneering MULTI-VISION SOLUTION – a revolutionary concept in eyewear, which helps spectacle users to enjoy the benefits of Polarized sunglass, 3D glass and Night Vision glass. ARCADIO’s MULTI-VISION SOLUTION is a 4-in-1 pack that contains a classy Titanium frame for prescription lens, and 3 choices of clip-on glasses. In just a few seconds, the spectacles can be transformed into a Polarized glass or a 3D glass or a Night Vision glass.

Every ARCADIO product is created in ultra-modern manufacturing plants, and is crafted with the highest standard of workmanship, using premium raw materials and high quality spare parts, which collectively result in making the brand truly supreme.

ARCADIO is from the house of AIMZ SPECTRUM, a multi-faceted business enterprise founded by two seasoned and dynamic professionals – IMTIAZ AHMED and FAZAL MAHMOOD, who unwaveringly dream to elevate lifestyles.

Optical Frames

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  • SF450
  • SF446
  • SF448
  • SF444
  • SF445
  • SF443
  • SF452
  • SF447
  • SF449
  • SF453
  • SP269
  • SF441
  • SF442
  • SF440
  • SP268
  • RL126
  • RL127
  • SP267
  • SP264
  • SP263
  • SP254
  • SP253
  • FF359
  • FF341
  • FF340
  • FF338
  • SP252
  • FF328
  • SP246
  • SF435
  • FF337
  • RL124
  • SF438
  • SP231
  • SP232
  • SP236
  • SP238
  • SF429
  • SF433
  • SF437
  • SF439
  • SP237
  • SP239
  • SP240
  • SP242
  • SP243
  • SP244
  • SP245
  • SP248
  • SP251
  • FF325
  • RL125
  • SF427HP
  • SF430
  • SF434
  • SF436
  • SP234
  • SP235
  • SP247
  • SF414
  • FF305
  • SP201
  • SP202
  • SP205
  • SP206
  • SP208
  • SP209
  • SP212
  • SP213
  • SP214
  • SP221
  • SP224
  • SP225
  • SP226
  • SP227
  • SP228
  • SP229
  • SF401
  • SF402
  • SF403
  • SF404
  • SF405
  • SF406
  • SF407
  • SF408
  • SF409
  • SF412
  • SF415
  • SF418
  • SF421
  • SF422
  • SF423
  • SF424
  • SF425
  • SF426
  • RL102
  • RL103
  • RL104
  • RL105
  • RL106
  • RL108
  • RL109
  • RL112
  • RL114
  • RL117
  • RL118
  • RL121
  • RL122
  • RL123
  • FF304
  • FF311
  • FF313
  • FF314
  • FF316
  • FF317
  • FF319
  • FF321
  • FF322
  • FF323

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Regd & Corporate Office:181, Peters Lane,

Off Peters Road,Gopalapuram, Chennai 600 086,INDIA.

Phone: +91 44 42067272 | Email: info@arcadio.in







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    Here is the most attractive way for people to carry their contact lens. ARCADIO’s contact lens cases come in refreshingly unique designs, colors and shapes. These captivating cases are thoughtfully designed to give the most comfortable experience while handling contact lenses. Every case has a mirror, a pair of lens picker, a lens applicator and a pair of lens container. Hence, using these cases is delightfully easy.

    ARCADIO’s contact lens cases come in various categories like sports, flowers, fruits, animals & birds, fusion, voodoo, spheres and many more interesting themes.

    • Shopoholic
    • Sync Fusion
    • Daisy
    • Fruit ripple
    • Bow Tie
    • Butterfly Effect
    • Sport
    • Duck
    • Aromatic
    • Blooms
    • Voodoo
    • Spheres
    Multi-vision solution

    ARCADIO’s MULTI VISION SOLUTION, a revolutionary concept, is the world’s first ever all-in-one multiple viewing option. It is a classy and elegant 4-in-1 kit that contains…A premium Titanium frame – exclusively designed with multi-vision provision to suit your prescription power lens.

    A Polarized clip-on – because, polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and mirage effects, reduce glare and block reflection, protect your eyes from strain, thereby reducing stress, and help you see the true color of any image or object.

    A 3D clip-on – because, today, almost everything comes in 3D – television, movies and books & magazines with 3D content. And using those huge 3D glasses on top of your specs is inconvenient, as two pairs of glasses don’t sit on one nose.

    A Night Vision clip-on – because, night vision glasses are a real boon in low light conditions, as they enhance your vision of objects, making it convenient for night driving, night life, sports activities and many more.

    These sleek looking clips from ARCADIO MULTI VISION SOLUTION are very easy to use and in just a matter of seconds, you can turn your specs into a polarized one, a 3D one or a night vision one.

    With ARCADIO’s MULTI-VISION SOLUTION, spectacle users can break away from the limitations of their spectacles and view life in all its facets.